Shahs of Sunset Asifa: Bobby’s Mom is a Bitch

So much so, in fact, that petitions are circulating in Iranian communities to have the show yanked off the air. They are the children of the Iranians who escaped their country after the Iranian Revolution ended the reign of the Shah Reza Pahlavi. Several petitions to halt the show have been circulated around the Persian-American community. One signer of that petition, Shepard Jacobson, commented: This is not entertaining. Rather, it is racist and only encourages others who do not know Persians in our American society to feed into the worst kind of stereotype, rather than showing a new generation of ambitious yet hardworking Iranian-Americans. There’s not an ounce of humility and even general human decency shown here. And quite frankly, it’s embarrassing to watch.

Dating Time Before Engagement

With Asa and Reza talking about breaking their promise to GG and warning Mike about the secret they were apart of, it was really just a matter of time until things boiled over. GG then took matters into her own hands and confronted Mike about what happened in Turkey, the trip that keeps on giving in terms of viewer drama. Mike was pissed, Shervin pulled him to the side and revealed what GG told him.

Reza walks over while Mike was speaking to Shervin and he wanted to know why Shervin was telling him something that Reza knew? Reza tried to explain to Mike they were all sworn to secrecy and that GG was supposed to confront him but not today.

Katie Holmes sighting at Fall Fashion Week in NYC Fans haven’t heard too much about Katie Holmes’ dating life, Asa Soltan Returns To ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ & Drops Major Truth Bomb On Adam;.

The Miracle Baby Shahs of Sunset: MJ and Tommy have moved in to a new apartment together. While it is new to them, it is not new at all. It needs a lot of renovating and for whatever reason, they opted to move in before starting the construction. There is an even bigger problem with the apartment. In the very first episode, Vida and Tommy get into a screaming match.

star Rob Dyrdek and wife Bryiana welcome a baby girl!

Among the exciting life changes for Mike this season is his engagement. The reformed player is finally settling down and invited the cameras to capture the moment he popped the question to Jessica Parido– while skydiving, no less! You might have overheard me saying there was sex in the champagne room so he might have gotten in a little trouble with Adam,” MJ shared. Asifa is the new blood this season, replacing “Persian Barbie” Lilly Ghalichi, who parted ways with the show after three seasons.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the group.

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Sam Allan from Good Tea Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author Good Tea , and they do not reflect in any way those of iRealHousewives. Adam is more boring than watching paint dry or watching an anorexic person pretend to eat food. Shervin gets sexier every time we see him and although everyone was giving him shit about those cornrows, I loved it.

Destiney tried with her blue wig, Shervin tried with his cornrows and of course Nemo just floated around like a dead fish with a droopy face. Did we really have to demote Shervin and his chest hair so that a Twink with a saggy face would take his spot? Planet Hollywood is getting advertising on every reality TV show front. Is destroying his own relationship through reality TV not enough for him? Has she never heard of a vibrator? MJ claimed they used to have sex five or six times a day and are now only down to two times a week.

Who gives a fuck about Morgan? At dinner, GG was also mad at Mike, this time for being close with Shalom. Mike and Golnesa resolved their non-issue and she is still keeping the ring, which I love. All she got out of that marriage was bad memories and a shit tonne of legal fees, she deserves to at least get a ring out of the mess.

Destination Yisra’el: Time of the End

Which has suited the occupants of our household quite well. As We’ve come to the end of this season we are sorely contemplating what other programs could suffice in the meantime. Although, as the previous members have commented. This series does not address the lifestyle of “Persians who are really Iranians but they don’t go by that”, on the other hand it does give a great account of an otherwise hidden social class. The personalities on this show are very entertaining and we’re constantly drawn to there personal journeys of growth.

We are all anticipating this series come back, so don’t be too long:

Shahs of Sunset “A Tale of Two Turkeys” (#) Reza discovers that Mike is not officially divorced; the Shahs try to put their differences aside as they head to a homeless shelter; Shervin and Asa have separate Thanksgiving dinners.

Married to Adam Neely, he is openly gay and often struggles with gossip and prejudice regarding his sexuality. Reza and Adam have been involved since , and their engagement was featured in the third-season finale. In season four, Adam and Reza have complications in their relationship and call off their wedding after tumultuous issues arise inside their group of friends following a fake rumor of the drunk MJ carrying the gay couple’s love child.

Reza and the gang continue on Reza and Adam’s wedding trip to Thailand. In an episode he reveals his father converted to Islam to marry his mother. When his parents’ marriage ended in divorce, his father moved back to New York to be with his Jewish family; in an episode it’s revealed that Farahan’s paternal grandmother pressured his father and rejected Reza because he was not Jewish. She comes from a wealthy, nominally Muslim family. She has eight tattoos, including one on the inside of her lip.

With a fiery, combative personality, she claims to have been kicked out of a number of schools while growing up due to fighting. He is a graduate of UCLA. He and his family are Persian Jews. Shouhed married Jessica Parido from The marriage ended because Shouhed had an affair with another woman.

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Share 13 shares ‘The best thing I can think of is to brand myself with his name in Hebrew. Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid called out Asa for lying about her fertility journey and previously calling it a natural ‘miracle pregnancy’ at age 40 Tattoo time: Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi got a tattoo in honor of her new boyfriend Self branding: The tattoo read Shalom in Hebrew in honor of her new beau named Shalom While GG stayed in for the tattoo the rest of the gang went for a night out.

Shahs of Sunset’s Asifa Mirza dishes on her relationship with Bobby’s mom. Not to mention throws alot of shade at her, saying that she is nothing like her own mom, because her.

Reza befriends new Persian Princess, Lilly, and attempts to introduce her to the group, but things go south when GG and new friend Omid hit the bottle a little too hard and get more than a little sexual at the dinner table. Buy S02 E02 Dec 10, The Persian Nose Business Dec 10, After her spat with Vida at a birthday dinner, MJ heads to the therapist to confront her issues with her mom, and realizes she is carrying more baggage than she thought.

Mike has fallen in love with a girl but faces obstacles in their relationship. Then tempers flare at a pool party over a perceived insult, and Asa and GG’s simmering resentments come to a shocking climax. Asa tries to solve her money problems with an outrageous new business idea that’s so crazy it might just work and GG’s plans to become a business tycoon are derailed when she and her sister have a nasty fight.

Reza is increasingly disillusioned with what he sees as MJ’s character flaws and their friction sparks into a potentially friendship-ending fight. Mike struggles to tell his skeptical parents about his new job partnering with Reza. Then, Reza and MJ see each other at a cocktail party for the first time since their fight and are forced to confront their vengeful feelings.

After talking with his mother, Reza’s heart softens towards MJ and he decides to mend fences.

Shahs of Sunset Season 4 Episode 7

Xbox Description This season finds much of the cast in love with success abounding, but when a scandalous accusation shakes the crew, their lifelong friendships may be changed forever. As the group navigates the most tumultuous year of their lives, it is on a trip to Thailand where they start to understand that their real wealth is each other. Asa is helping to fund a home renovation for her parents, but as she struggles to deal with them temporarily moving in, she finds solace in a new art project that reaches oppressed women everywhere.

Mike is getting over his fears of commitment and as his girlfriend, Jessica, completes her conversion to Judaism, he prepares to take the plunge and finally propose.

As we reported in November , Shahs Of Sunset star Jessica Parido filed for Asa Soltan Rahmati, Mike Shouhed, “We knew were going to get married from the first month that we were dating.

Mike Shouhed is moving on from his marriage to Jessica Parido, but not with another woman. Although the Shahs of Sunset star may be dating, as he and Parido have been. Mike Shouhed is still in the middle of divorcing Jessica Parido after eight months of marriage, but the Shahs of Sunset entrepreneur revealed that his estranged wife still has a special place in his heart.

Can’t help but be super emotional today. The FIVE trendy dental fads that are wreaking havoc on your teeth and it’s bad news for those who How are we supposed to move on if he can’t even admit it. Protesters clash with huntsmen as more than traditional Boxing Day hunts ride out in defiance Jessica filed for divorce from Mike on November 20, and in the legal documents revealed that the couple have been separated since August 1 – just four months after they wed in a lavish ceremony at Los Angeles’ Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

Protesters clash with huntsmen as more than traditional Boxing Day hunts ride out in defiance to Theresa May after she dropped plans to repeal the ban Wood you know where the soldiers are. Lara and Eric gear up for their first holiday with baby Eric while Donald Jr. Family fill entire room with all the packaging they threw away afterShahs Of Sunset star Jessica Parido is seeking a restraining order against her estranged husband Meanwhile Mike told TMZ last week: Inside the heart of America’s addiction epidemic: She told Reza that the messages included things like ‘send me an address’ and ‘this is what I want you to wear.

Back to top Home News U. Mike Shouhed Says Jessica Parido Wants to Get Back Together The Daily Dish Protesters clash with huntsmen as more than traditional Boxing Day hunts ride out in defiance Jessica filed for divorce from Mike on November 20, and in the legal documents revealed that the couple have been separated since August 1 – just four months after they wed in a lavish ceremony at Los Angeles’ Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

After Show: Asa Soltan Rahmati On The ‘Bastard’ Talk