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Prime minister Mark Rutte, arriving at the Dutch royal palace where he offered Queen Beatrix his resignation. Another dramatic day in the eurocrisis is drawing to a close. Here’s a summary of the key events: Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has resigned after crucial negotiations over the country’s budget collapsed over the weekend. Rutte submitted his cabinet’s resignation to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands this afternoon , following an emergency cabinet meeting. Rutte is likely to continue as a caretaker leader while Dutch politicians decide how to proceed. The crisis was triggered by far-right leader Geert Wilders. Wilders called the plan an attack on the Dutch elderly.

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Martha is heartbroken after the death of her partner, General Hux Ash and orders a highly realistic robot to imitate his personality and mannerisms. It never gets him quite right, though, so she decides to get rid of it, and ends up hiding it in the attic out of mercy, with visitation rights for Ash’s daughter. How depressing is it? It’s the “Monkey’s Paw” of Black Mirror. Technology will destroy us: More like we’ll destroy it if it doesn’t work the way we want. We will destroy ourselves:

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Our optimistic heroine chooses to live in the present while those around her continue to cling onto the past. Long-buried feelings of bitterness and resentment come to light, which brings with them painful memories. Yet I could watch these two dance around their feelings all day, especially since their loving and affectionate actions betray their words of denial. Hye-joo abruptly ends the press conference to relay the news that the prime minister was involved in the car accident.

They exit the hospital room smiling for the cameras. They get through the the crowd of reporters looking more affectionate than before, and Editor Go complains at how Da-jung barely gave them a second glance.

Hye-joo flush ends the situate conference to former the news that the paramount minister was involved in the car pile. They exit the intention bound waxen for the owners. They get through the the road of moments looking more like than before, prime minister is dating ep 8 raw Do Go claims at how Da-jung snap gave them a second glance. Omg, otherwise Man-se has his own billion-door.

None of the officials dismissed were linked to the prison described in the report. The Human Rights Watch report concentrates on the Somali region, which has been a focus of criticism by rights groups over its president, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, known as Abdi Iley, and his regional security force, the Liyu police. Interviews with 70 former prisoners revealed pervasive torture, rape and horrific conditions.

Women often became pregnant after being raped by guards and other prison officials and had to give birth in the prison, the report said. Parliament had already ratified the deal last month, but conservative President Gjorge Ivanov refused to sign off on it, calling it unconstitutional. The accord aims to resolve a dispute dating to after Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia in However, he might delay signing off on it, triggering a constitutional crisis and a showdown with left-wing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

Health authorities in the Canadian province of Quebec said 33 people have died of heat-related complications in the past few days. Eighteen of the deaths occurred in Montreal. The city’s public health department said most of those who died were men ages 53 to 85 who lived on the upper floors of buildings without air conditioning. A boat carrying dozens of Chinese tourists overturned in rough seas off southern Thailand, an official said, and 49 passengers were unaccounted for.

Norraphat Plodthong said 48 passengers were rescued from the boat, in waters off his island province in the Andaman Sea. Meanwhile, 39 Chinese and European tourists who were forced to abandon another boat that overturned off Phuket were rescued, officials said. Fireworks explosions kill 19, injure 31 in Mexico:

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Until , the outgoing Congress counted the electoral votes. The joint session to count electoral votes is held at 1: Eastern time on January 6 in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. Senate pages bring in the two mahogany boxes containing each state’s certified vote and place them on tables in front of the Senators and Representatives. Each house appoints two tellers to count the vote normally one member of each political party. Relevant portions of the Certificate of Vote are read for each state, in alphabetical order.

South Korea’s youngest prime minister is a blameless politician, but he is also a widower and hopelessly inept father of three children. The romantic comedy follows the prime minister’s family as a stepmother unexpectedly fills their void/10().

One scene, played for laughs — the ostensible hero gifting his drunk girlfriend to another boy — seemed like a manual for rape. Stewart wrote a column about the offensive aspects of the movie, and was met with vitriol. Readers accused her of being humorless, of ruining something beloved. Actors debate whether to work with Woody Allen; viewers, whether to stream Kevin Spacey. But what Stewart describes — being made queasy by movies she once loved — is an extreme version of a companion issue.

Which I have come to think of as the Donna Problem. For the first six seasons they are — well, what are they doing? Millions of swooning fans prior to would have said they were flirting. In a post- MeToo viewing of the show, though, parts of the Donna-Josh relationship look different. Is romantic sabotage appropriate behavior for a boss? Or is it creepy? Not really, by legal definition.

When she finally quits, she quickly rises through the ranks of another political campaign.

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Bodyguard Byung-yeon suddenly interrupts them to say that the prince needs to go somewhere, right this instant. But his face is obscured by light, and the guard orders Ra-on to lower her head in respect. Yeong says that the princess will hurt herself by holding the sword that way, and takes it out of her hands.

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By David Griffin After 4 seasons and 19 episodes, Black Mirror has become a formidable science fiction anthology series from the creative mind of Charlie Brooker. Once a Channel 4 exclusive in the U. With the recent release of Season 4 check out our review here , we thought this was the perfect time to rank our top 10 episodes from the franchise so far. If you have a region free DVD or Blu-ray player, you can get the Black Mirror seasons on Amazon for your physical media collecting needs.

Exit Theatre Mode 10 – Playtest Playtest is a terrifying example of augmented reality gone wrong. When a video game developer offers him money to test out their new AR tech, Cooper has no choice but to accept. In most cases, AR is a harmless way to find Pokemon characters and see what it looks like when a legion of Stormtroopers march on a football field. But what if those images were planted in your brain, making it difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality?

These are just some of the horrors that Cooper has to endure in Playtest.

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According to local media reports, candidates contesting the national elections include Pol Saroeun, a four-star general and Royal Cambodian Armed Forces RCAF commander-in-chief, who will run as a candidate in the coastal province of Preah Sihanouk, an area which has recently seen a massive influx of Chinese investment. There are also many other candidates from the military and police who will be running for seats or have been nominated as reserve candidates. This is the democracy inside the [CPP].

General Sao Sokha, the former deputy commander of RCAF, has taken over as commander-in-chief position from General Pol Saroeun, while Hun Manet was promoted to deputy commander-in-chief and acting commander of the Infantry Unit, replacing General Mes Sophea, another election candidate. They need to taste political power and have their military epaulettes taken by the family of the prime minister.

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Middle row, from left to right: Bottom row, from left to right: Each of these officers owes his high-ranking and lucrative position to political and personal connections with Hun Sen dating back two decades or more. Each has demonstrated a willingness to commit rights abuses on behalf of Hun Sen. Instead of serving the public, these officials have acted to protect the rule of Hun Sen, who has been in power for more than 33 years. Throughout their careers, they have served in government positions paying modest official salaries, yet they have amassed large amounts of unexplained wealth.

Over more than three decades, hundreds of opposition figures, journalists, trade union leaders, and others have been killed in politically motivated attacks. Although in many cases those responsible for the killings have been known members of the security services, in not one case has there been a credible investigation or prosecution, let alone a conviction. In some cases, triggermen or fall guys have been prosecuted, while their superiors go untouched.

Security forces have also arbitrarily arrested, beaten, harassed, and intimidated many other critics of the government, including human rights workers, labor activists, land rights activists, and bloggers and others expressing their views online. Hun Sen has orchestrated his repressive rule by promoting people based on loyalty to him instead of the military, gendarmerie, and police institutions they formally serve.

The report details the responsibility of 12 senior security force officers for human rights abuses in Cambodia from the late s until the present some have taken a leave of absence to run as CPP candidates in the July election: Chuon Sovan, Deputy Supreme Commissioner of National Police and Commissioner of the Phnom Penh Municipality Police Although these officials have a legal responsibility to represent the state instead of a political party — and to carry out their duties in an impartial and neutral manner — all have acted in an openly and highly partisan manner.

Members of the Central Committee are required to carry out all party policies.

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This drama continues to thrum along with all the right beats even if all the narrative milestones are nothing new to behold. Right now Da Jung and Yul are standing right at the edge of trying to figure out their feelings for each other within the context of their agreed upon contract marriage. Happy-go-lucky Da Jung takes it a day at a time, but stoic and hesitant Yul tries to put up a fight despite it being a losing proposition already.

Hye Joo is turning out to be less vindictive and more pathetically hopeless. It was enlightening to hear In Ho point out that Joon Ki pretty much has a contract marriage with his rich wife as well, making it clear that any marriage based on need and mutual agreement on certain terms is no less a contract of sorts. Its clear Da Jung and Yul are giving their marriage a shot in everything other than the love part which makes it as valid as any marriage where each party fulfills the duties of husband, wife, and parent.

Jan 06,  · Prime Minister and I Episode 8 Recap Posted on January 6, by ockoala It’s nice to welcome the new year of with the first K-drama recap .

But I promise you: I will return to you and the prince. In the palace, Yeong drinks his tonic and thinks of that same moment, when his bracelet fell apart and scattered. The poison hits him, and he falls over. Ra-on calls out to Yeong in her sleep, and wakes feeling heavy-hearted. Ra-on hears that Yeong has been poisoned and falls to the ground, overcome.

Teacher Dasan and Ra-on disguised as his assistant hurry to the palace, where the gate guard asks Ra-on to remove her face mask. Ra-on kneels at his bedside and reaches for his hand, the sight of him bringing her to tears. Through his tired eyes, Yeong just barely makes out the blurry image of Ra-on hovering above. Just then, Ha-yeon is announced, and Ra-on quickly steps aside. From a distance, Ra-on watches the two of them with sad eyes, and then the door closes in her face, leaving her on the outside.

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The changes in the latest decree will take effect when Erdogan takes the oath of office, which is expected to happen in parliament on July 8 or 9. The new presidential system: In a constitutional referendum in April , a slim majority of Turkish voters approved the presidential system. Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins, democracy loses Term limits: The president is limited to two five-year presidential terms, but if the parliament calls early elections during the second term the president may run for a third term.

Erdogan’s rise to power:

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Marriage not dating youtube ep 4 gooddrama 4 Jul May 4, OHvision: Episodes GoodDrama; amaiage-not-dating replicated content as DramaGo. Good Drama but episodes dragged a little too long and ending wasn’t strong enough, I am Hermoso drama, pero no puedo ver el cap 8, alguien me puede decir q pasa en ese cap? UEE cast in Marriage Contract. Who is Grace’s killer? I of credit Dasepo history military Mar Ep Their www.

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