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Feds fine dating site for making fake profiles Unfortunately, sometimes hate and jealousy follow good looking people. They were not laughing when my friends knocked I Would Like To Please feds fine dating site for making fake profiles for some other people to reply before posting in this thread again, or wait like an hour or so, whichever comes first. About Carole Jensen feds fine dating site for making fake profiles JDI — which operates 18 dating feds fine dating site for making fake profiles, including cupidswand. The case is the first for the FTC against an online dating site. JDI allowed users to set up profiles on its sites for free, and then sent them fake messages purportedly from people living nearby who wanted to meet, according to the complaint. JDI did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Going forward, the company must clearly disclose to users that they will receive messages from fake profiles, and is barred from setting up recurring memberships without authorization. You are commenting using your WordPress. They dedicated their pitiful exsistance to dig in other folks stuff, create lies, rumors, and pass it from one cretin to another. Oh yeah, nice smack down there Exactly why my pic isn’t up anymore.

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It is bad enough when an individual catfishes another person, but it becomes even more insulting when an online dating service company uses the same fictional practices to trick online daters into signing up for paid memberships to their dating websites. Because of the recent catfish activities by certain online dating companies, the Federal Trade Commission has recently filed a law enforcement action against JDI Dating, Ltd.

Then to add insult to injury, JDI Dating would deliberately fail to inform their subscribers that such subscriptions would automatically renew and would continue to renew until the subscribers cancelled the membership. JDI Dating and their websites would also intentionally bury the strict requirements of the cancellation amongst pages and pages of terms in hopes to confuse and make it virtual impossible for subscribers to terminate their membership.

Online dating websites have become a very standard way to meet up with people in hopes of finding love or other types of connections. However, the use of deceptive practices for financial gain by playing on matters of the heart is unconscionable.

is the leading social network for the adult entertainment industry.

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While some might see this as rude, those who are socially awkward or fear confrontation will find it convenient. Dating and finding love shouldnt be difficult.

FTC Fines Dating Sites That Used Fake Profiles to Encourage Upgrades

The regulator is suing JDI Dating Ltd, an operator of dating online sites, for allegedly creating fake profiles as a strategy to lure its users to pay more. It is also prohibited from creating fake and computer generated profiles just to trick its users into automatically upgrading into paid memberships. The catch here is that once those users get into the bait, they would be enticed to upgrade into paid memberships, only to find out that the profiles were bogus.

Once the users sign up for paid membership, they would unknowingly be automatically charged for renewal of their periodic subscriptions. The victims to this scheme may only get out through canceling their memberships. Most members are unaware that renewal of their membership is automatic.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), at least one online dating service, JDI Dating Ltd. (“JDI Dating”), created fake, computer generated user profiles in order to induce.

I was stupid enough to fall for the whole “you need to upgrade to read messages” plot and I regretted it the next day. I have not seen a single true profile, and I have been a member for over 2 months! I have received ca. And that happened not once, but every time? Their cancellation policy is hilarious – you have to send them a printed out and signed form per fax! Just to be on the safe side, I have not only cancelled the membership to this fraudulent scheme, but also my credit card, because these people are just not to be trusted.

You will get nothing in return, only frustration and then anger when you realise you have been scammed! Please do some research on the global online dating fraud – fake profiles, how they lure you to pay for nothing, how they fake whole websites they call it “pre-populated” dating websites – which means anyone can rent a dating website from them and they will make it available to you with hundreds of pre-existing fake profiles and then split profits with you with only monetary gain in sight.

They don’t care how they get the money, it’s a criminal behaviour.

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The Federal Trade Commission recently cracked down on one scamming website that used fake profiles to convince members to upgrade from a free to paid service. The defendants offered a free plan that allowed users to set up a profile with personal information and photos. As soon as a new user set up a free profile, he or she began to receive messages that appeared to be from other members living nearby, expressing romantic interest or a desire to meet.

However, users were unable to respond to these messages without upgrading to a paid membership.

The FTC has reached a settlement that prohibits JDI Dating Ltd., an England-based company, from using fake, computer-generated profiles to trick users into upgrading to paid memberships and charging these members a recurring monthly fee without their consent.

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January 28, If you aren’t vigilant when you sign up for a great magazine subscription deal or a free trial offer on health care products, it could haunt you for months or years, ringing up endless charges on your credit card through automatic renewals. In many cases, consumers sign up for low-priced subscriptions, free trial offers, annual memberships or recurring services without realizing that after the initial period ends, charges for the goods and services will continue to be billed to their credit cards.

In other cases, consumers will agree to the terms, but can’t figure out how to stop the charges if they no longer want the product or service. These practices have generated a mountain of complaints. Now regulators, public officials and lawyers are taking legal action against these controversial practices. It prevents companies from charging consumers for an online transaction unless all terms are clearly disclosed and the company has received the consumer’s informed consent.

JDI Dating is a large online dating service that operates approximately 18 online dating websites including, , and As we have previously detailed on this blog, large online dating services, such as JDI Dating, must take care to protect themselves from the content that their users post on their websites.

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Crump Who are these people telling if I do not backup my files they may be deleted….. If they delete my files I will take them to court…. And you can believe that to be true…… Anne Jeff, you are SO right on. I just got the shock of my life with their upsell email, ran a google on the Co and I found your article. Thank you, here is what I wrote back to the Company.

Get my files off of your system!

Default of Defendant JDI Dating, Ltd. – Host IP: Server name: Apache/ (CentOS) Country Name: United States Country Code: USA Region: UT City: Salt.

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Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission disclosed that it reached a settlement with JDI Dating Ltd., a UK company that runs 18 dating sites that it claims have over 12 million members. The sites.

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